Manual Therapy

This includes DTM (Deep Tissue Massage), manipulation, stretching to eliminate any pain. These techniques will help remove excessive tension in the muscular system and facilitate vascular supply to the muscles. It will also aid in the removal of adhesions in the muscular-fascial system, which will not only help you with pain but allow your neurological system to send more coordinated and efficient messages to your muscles. In simple terms you will exercise better and move better, thus allowing your body to establish normal movement patters.

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Kanisio taping

I utilise Kanisio taping to improve muscular activation patters, decreased pain and improve posture. This is super helpful when applied after the Manual Therapy sessions and before the exercises to assist improved muscular activation patterns and muscle memory. The tape is normally kept on for 24 hrs after the session to improve the therapeutic effect.

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Bespoke exercises

This consist of flexibility, strengthening and postural correction during the sessions, followed by a tailored HEP (Home Exercise Program), to assist increased mobility and strength. I will identify which parts of your body lack movement (STIFF BITS) and which parts of the body are weak (BENDY BITS).

Bespoke functional screening using the latest movement analysis software, it’s key to be able to assess and plan the optimal management plan for your injury. Once identified the key issues, a clear explanation to allow you to understand and address these dysfunctions will be provided.

Physiotherapist Herne Hill

Virtual physiotherapy

I offer a remote based virtual physiotherapy session. This will include history taking, biomechanical assessment and full diagnosis. I will then provide you with a bespoke virtual physiotherapy treatment to include, postural correction, flexibility exercises and strength training. All exercises will also be provided email for home to allow you to better self-manage.

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Other Services

Physiotherapist Herne Hill

Equipment, mat & virtual Pilates

Dulwich Acupuncture


Physiotherapist Herne Hill

Sports Massage

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Running assessment

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Cycling assessment


New Insured Patient Registration

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