The working from home ergonomic dysfunction affecting the young working professionals in East Dulwich & Peckham

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East Dulwich

East Dulwich & Peckham are busy and dynamic South London suburbs and have become a favourite spot to live in for many families and young London professionals.

Unfortunately due to the current second lockdown and the weather deterioration, people’s activity level has significantly decreased. To make matters worse, we have all become more reliant on using technology in our everyday life’s to be more efficient and to reduce the risk to our health due to COVID.

Working from home in East Dulwich & Peckham

As more people are working from home, this is leading to serious long-term health consequences and postural dysfunctions are becoming more common.

Over the last few months, I have seen a significant increase in numbers of young professionals asking for help with a variety of issues, such as lower back pain, painful shoulders, neck pain and headaches.

Changes to fitness regimes in East Dulwich & Peckham due to the pandemic

The closing down of gyms, loss of personal trainers, Pilates classes and even the commuting to work is having a profound negative impact on the working population. I feel that the young, dynamic East Dulwich professionals are especially been affected by this and the loss of their social and interactive lifestyles.

Working from home, from often poorly set up spaces in your kitchen or dining room table over an extensive period, can have a very significant long-term effect on people’s physical and mental wellbeing. The decreased movement and daily activity output combined with the poor ergonomic set up, is creating a postural and physical timebomb, that will take many years to clear.

The role of private physiotherapy in East Dulwich & Peckham during the pandemic

Due to the current pandemic, private physiotherapy has become even more important in providing support to all individuals regarding their health and wellbeing. Providing a safe and COVID secure environments to allow people to continue training, perform supervised exercises receiving advises about their aches and pains and doing Physiotherapy Pilates.

By keeping active, exercising and having this support we are avoiding the creation of long term injuries which will be placing additional strain on the NHS and GPs practices that will be already overwhelmed in the coming months with the new vaccination programs in the UK.

2-Use a laptop stand

Use a (laptop stand) and separate keyboard for your laptop, thus ensuring a good postural position during your working day. This will help you maintain a good ergonomic posture and decrease the load from your neck and lower back.



3-Sit to stand desk converter

Try to use a sit-stand desk converter for home even if you are working from your kitchen or dining table. Braking up your day by sitting and standing will keep you active and ensure your spinal structures are kept in good health.

ERGOMAKER Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter – 81cm (32 Inch) Wide Platform Tabletop Workstation – Quick Sit to Stand Desk Riser for Dual Monitors Black: Kitchen & Home


4-Take regular brakes from the computer

Take regular brakes from your computer work. There are a variety of free soft wear programmes that provide structured brakes and stretches for people. This will ensure you don’t overload your structures and manage your working day more effectively.


5-Stay active during your working day

Try and go for a walk and run during your day. Braking up your working day will help you stay healthy and has also been shown to help concentration and work productivity. Using a foam roller can also be a very quick and effective way to stretch your back and improve your posture. Ask your physiotherapist how to use it.


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