The Physiotherapist’s Perspective on Treating Back Pain & Back Injuries in London

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As a physiotherapist specializing in back pain & injury, I encounter numerous patients grappling with discomfort ranging from acute to chronic back issues. My journey in this field has been profoundly enriching, giving me insights into the pivotal role of physiotherapy in back pain management. This blog aims to shed light on how we, as physiotherapists, approach the treatment of back pain & lower back pain and empower our patients towards a pain-free life.

Understanding Back Pain in Patients

Understanding Back Pain in Patients. solomon-canevaro physiotherapy copy

Back pain is a complex, multifaceted issue that can be triggered by an array of factors, including lifestyle habits, workplace ergonomics, or underlying health conditions. The challenge lies in identifying the root cause and tailoring a treatment plan that addresses not just the symptoms, but also the source of pain.

My Approach to Physiotherapy for Back Pain

Physiotherapist for back pain & back injuries

  1. Initial Assessment: Every treatment begins with a thorough assessment. This step is crucial for understanding the individual’s specific back pain condition, medical history, and lifestyle.
  2. Manual Therapy: Here, we use hands-on techniques like spinal manipulation, soft tissue massage, and mobilization to alleviate pain and improve joint mobility. This approach is often the first line of defense against back pain.
  3. Customized Exercise Plans: Strengthening and flexibility exercises are core to our treatment plans. We focus on enhancing core stability and back muscle strength, which are vital in managing and preventing back pain.
  4. Education and Preventative Strategies: Empowering patients with knowledge about back care is fundamental. We provide guidance on proper posture, ergonomic workplace setups, and lifestyle changes that can significantly impact their back health.
  5. Ongoing Support and Rehabilitation: Our role extends beyond the clinic. We ensure that patients are equipped with self-management techniques and exercises to continue their progress at home.

The Rewarding Journey: Reviews from Patients I’ve Treated for Back Pain and Injury.

The Rewarding Journey- Reviews from Patients solomon canevaro physiotherapy has Treated for Back Pain and Injury.

The most gratifying aspect of my profession is witnessing patients regain their mobility and return to their daily activities without the hindrance of back pain. The journey towards recovery is a partnership between the physiotherapist and the patient, where commitment and active participation are key. Read some of my patient reviews where I treated them for back injuries & lower back pain:

5 Star Patient Reviews from Patients I’ve Treated for Back Pain and Injury.

John Guilding received lower back pain physiotherapy treatment:

I came to Solomon with a bad lower back from a sports injury. I was very impressed with his approach.

Although he looked at my back problem, we didn’t solely look at that injury. Solomon had a holistic approach and he was able to spot where my weaknesses were and how they related to injury’s I had sustained in the past. Not only was I able to sort out the injury I came with, but I was able to understand the root cause of other issues I’ve had previously.

He gave me an exercise and stretching program to undertake as well as advice on how to remain injury-free. Overall, I was very happy with the session.

Read this review on Google about back injury >

Tammy Bromet received physiotherapy treatment for upper back pain.

Last week I spent three days with an upper back/neck pain that left me unable to carry out my normal activities. I booked an appointment with Solomon, who quickly diagnosed my problem, treated my injury and gave me instructions on how to improve it. He fixed me!
He was friendly and very professional. Would highly recommend!

Read this review on Google about back injury >

Nikolai Grune received physiotherapy treatment for a back injury.

Solomon took the time to carefully understand my back issues, and within minutes was able to get a sense of the solutions required. Extremely professional, but in a relaxed atmosphere. He explained complex anatomical concepts with great clarity and in an understandable manner, putting together a bespoke set of instructions for me to follow at home. Very highly recommended.

Read this review on Google about back injury >


As a dedicated physiotherapist in the realm of back pain treatment, I can affirm the efficacy and transformative power of physiotherapy. It’s a journey from pain to empowerment, and each success story further fuels my passion for this field. If you are battling back pain, remember that physiotherapy offers a path to recovery, tailored just for you.

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