Pilates for Runners in Dulwich and Herne Hill. Run better and Further with Decreased Risk of Injury

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Pilates for runners in Dulwich & Herne Hill. Dulwich, Herne Hill & Clapham with many beautiful open spaces & parks, are very popular locations for joggers. Running is a great way to keep fit, it helps your CV fitness, muscular tone and feel good factor. It has also become more popular than ever recently due to lockdown and the fact that many gyms have been closed, making outdoor exercising the best and safest way to keep fit.
Unfortunately running can often cause over load injuries and pain in your knees and ankles if poor technique weakness is present. This is even more relevant for those that have only recently taken up running. Pilates based strength training offers a great way to improve biomechanics and reduce the risk of injuries when combined with running.

This blog incorporates a series of Pilates for runners in Dulwich & Herne Hill.

My name is Solomon Canevaro, a physiotherapist with a practice based in Herne Hill with many clients also based in Dulwich, Clapham & South East London areas. I’m a keen runner myself & hope the following Pilates for runners in Dulwich & Herne Hill helps you to run better & further.

How can Pilates Help the Runners?

Pilates provides a targeted exercise strengthening method, which has been shown to increase strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. These aspects are key to improve once running performance and decreased the risk of injuries. Enjoy the beautiful Dulwich Parks without getting injured.

What are the Benefits of Pilates for the Runners?

1-Improving posture in the Dulwich Runners

Pilates offers specific exercises to improve muscle flexibility and improve posture. Improved posture and muscle flexibility allows the runner to activate more efficiently their extensors muscle system (gluteal muscles and shoulder musculature) thus improving positioning and cadence efficiency.

Especially those individuals that spend many hours sitting, may lose trunk rotation and hip extension, making their running less efficient.

2-Improving muscle control in the Runners

Runners require a combination of global muscles (fast twice muscles fibres) and postural muscles (slow twitch muscle fibres) to run efficiently. We find that is the heavy reliance on the global muscle system, which causes once fatigued a deterioration of the runner’s technique.

The slow, control functional position exercises utilised during the Pilates Reformer session, will help the control muscle system become more efficient at controlling the runners body position. This works really well when combined with yoga (flexibility) and strength and conditioning training.

3-Improving Flexibility in the Runners

Pilates will combine slow and control exercises with flexibility specific exercises. This will allow the runner to develop better muscular control trough inner and outer ranges of movement. Rather than providing over active shorten muscle fibres, Pilates will offer strength and flexibility in a coexistent form. Long and strong muscles equal better force and energy production.

4-Muscle activation and running mechanics for the Runner

Over reliance on the wrong muscles and poor muscle sequencing can compromise once movement quality. Re-training your central nervous system to send the correct neurological activation pattern, it’s key to improve your movement quality. Reformer Pilates offer functional/running specific positions to recreate the environmental challenges of a runner.

Running Flexibility exercises for the Dulwich Runner

A selection of exercises to run better & further with decreased risk of injury

Running specific activation Exercises

Running specific activation exercises to run better & further with decreased risk of injury

Running specific functional Pilates exercises

Running specific functional Pilates exercises to run better & further with decreased risk of injury

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